In support of Kiss Violence against Women Goodbye!, The Quick Flick will be donating 10% of all profits during the month of March to The Momentum for Australia Charity to help end violence against women. To raise awareness, we have partnered with domestic violence survivors Dana Vulin, Bec Bucci, Nez Erok and Katarina Popovic. These are their stories. If you, or someone you know is struggling with domestic violence, scroll down for help links.
Hi, I’m Dana, In 2012, I was victim to a violent and unprovoked attack that changed my life forever. I was doused in methylated spirits and set on fire by my attacker who had also been stalking me. Within seconds my former life, physical functioning and independence was taken away. The first few years after my attack was definitely the most difficult time in my life, but it was my determination to live that saw me through. I now share my story of domestic violence to inspire other burns survivors who face adversity. I want to share my story to show that you can overcome the odds to achieve anything you put your mind to and ultimately, that domestic violence does not define you.
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Hi, I’m Katarina. In 2012, I found myself a victim to domestic violence and mental abuse. I was left struggling with suicidal thoughts, depression and drug addiction. I was quickly losing touch with the person I once was and my self-esteem and confidence was plummeting. My journey back to being the person I truly am, didn’t come easy - in fact it’s a journey I’m still on. But I am now excited for what life has in store for me. My journey through domestic violence has helped me gain resilience, strength, self-love and confidence within myself that I never knew I had. It is now my passion to represent women who are yet to find their voice and encourage them to make the first steps in leaving a toxic relationship.
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Hi, I’m Bec, I am the Director and Founder of ​Wellness for Women​, a social enterprise dedicated to inspiring women to be fearless in all aspects of their life. I am also a survivor and strong advocate against domestic violence. Through my experiences, I feel that it’s my social responsibility to educate our community about the devastating effects and prevalence of childhood domestic violence. I now dedicate my time to empowering women to embark on the healing process to reclaiming their freedom.
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Hi, I'm Nez. For too long my experience with domestic violence left me feeling trapped and voiceless. It was a horrible time in my life, however I wouldn’t change it for anything as it shaped me into the person I am today. Through music and song writing, I now tell my story of survival. I use my lyrics to remind all listeners that they are never alone, beautiful and worthy of all the love and happiness in the world. I believe that it’s my purpose to instill courage and bravery into women and children, inspiring them to stand up and put an end to domestic violence.
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