At The Quick Flick we’re proudly an all inclusive brand making strides in the beauty industry. Our campaign, ‘A Wing for Every Eye’ adopted an anti-casting approach, by using real customers and members of The Quick Flick team. By using everyday people we aim to empower you to feel your best regardless of your age, gender, race or makeup skill level.
"I’ve struggled with winged eyeliner all my life being a hooded eye gal, which was the main driving factor behind me developing The Quick Flick brand in the first place. It would take me 15 minutes if I was lucky and even then my wings would be uneven or different sizes. With the Grand 12mm (my fave size!) I can get the perfect symmetrical wing every time which doesn’t get lost in the hooded crease of my eyes."
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"As a girl that loves to experiment with makeup and try different looks it would take me at least 15 - 20 minutes to do the perfect wing on both eyes. Then, being a perfectionist it left me frustrated that they never came out perfect! Ever since I have started using The Quick Flick, Grand 12mm that has all changed as this is truly a life saver of a product and saves me so much time when I am on the run."
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"As someone that is new to wearing winged eyeliner The Quick Flick was a real lifesaver when it came to managing my shaky hands and deep set eyes. Drawing my own wings was an emotional rollercoaster and the thought of drawing a matching wing with my left hand…forget about it. Now without worrying I stamp on my matching Modest 10mm wings and feel confident enough to take over the world!"
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"I used to wear eyeliner a lot when I was younger but as I get older my eye shape is changing slightly, and I’ve found it harder to draw the perfect wing in a reasonable time. Now that I am also a Mum my time in the morning can be very limited and I don’t always have 20 minutes to dedicate to my eyeliner. With the Modest 10mm wing I get the perfect shape, and the right length that shows through the crease in my eyes!"
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"As a mum to a 1 year old, finding time to draw on wings is impossible! I just didn’t have time to waste attempting wings that were always uneven. Having upturned eyes meant that I would never know which angle to draw my wings. This all changed once I started using The Quick Flick! The Petite 8mm is perfect for my eye shape and allows me to achieve wings that slay in minutes!"
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"After a lifetime of struggling to create the perfect winged eyeliner, I was finally introduced to the Quick Flick! No more time wasted drawing wings that didn’t match, watching YouTube tutorials or leaving the house disappointed and frustrated. Now all I have to do now is stamp those bad boys on with the petite 8mm wings to create the perfect eye look leaving me feeling more confident and fierce than ever!"
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